Resources for executors and Estate Administrators

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Sherri Lund | Founder



Executors count on us to get things done outside the courtroom. We tackle big and small jobs that people don’t know how to do or frankly, don’t want to do. They delegate tasks to us while maintaining oversight.
We help Executors so they don’t get dragged down with probate problems. Our suite of services include: Cleaning out the property – Making donations – Coordinating an estate sale – Locating a moving company – Securing vacant property – Overseeing necessary repairs – Selling real estate or helping the family keep it.
Our goal is to lighten the Personal Representative’s load so they can focus on life’s other important matters. We streamline the process so the estate gets settled faster and with less stress.
We’re a family-owned business, based in Montgomery County, TX. We serve families in the surrounding counties: Harris, Ft. Bend, Galveston, San Jacinto, Walker, etcrnClick the website link for more information about our services and to see how we can help you.