Resources for executors and Estate Administrators


REALTOR® | CERTIFIED PROBATE EXPERT My name is Sal, I have established a team of Estate Professionals in Santa Clara County that help with all aspects of estate administration and because what we do is relatively new as a professional service, our goal is to reach out to families who are int the early stage of settling an estate to let them know there is a social enterprise here locally that can help with any and every aspect of estate administration, no matter how small or how complex. There are literally dozens of ways we help families so we typically begin by offering simple tools that we know can help EVERY Executor/Administrator keep the matters of the estate organized. You can start by downloading the Probate Checklist, is a basic organizational tool that you can use to keep track of what has been done and what needs to be done. This may be similar to tools that have been provided to you by your probate attorney but we find that many attorneys don’t even provide this simple tool so we offer it to everyone just in case they have not gotten one. If you find the checklist helpful but would like to have more, we offer free estate management software that includes the checklist and much more. Our team provides this software out of necessity because most estate administrators have to keep track of everything by carrying around a literal stack of papers for months on end and every time a new professional is introduced to help with the estate they have to provide all of this information to them individually, often times creating long delays in the process. Our tool will allow you to organize and manage the entire estate in one place. You can securely share access with family members, your attorney, any professionals helping with the estate, etc. and you will be able to manage it all from one place to keep everyone on the same page. Download the Probate Checklist from the link on the right or at