Resources for executors and Estate Administrators

The estate service provider Keller Williams North Valley can be contacted by Executors seeking Real Estate in Riverside County, CA.


Our picture says it all. It reminds people of the old \"Where\'s Waldo\" cartoon. It actually shows my wife Ellen demonstrating the lengths that we as Realtors who specialize in Probate, will go to for our clients. She\'s in the picture. Can you find her? To sum it up in a nutshell, a client of ours needed us to enter the property associated with their estate and give them a fair market value of said property. Because of bio-hazardous conditions in the house we had to employ safety measures to protect our health before we could enter the house. Obtaining the necessary personal protective equipment was no easy task since this was during the first quarter of 2020 and the pandemic was in full swing, but we did. There was over twelve tons of debris to contend with as well as the biohazards inside and excessive outdoor landscaping that had overgrown to the point where the property was difficult and dangerous to approach and access, but we did.
So, if you have a difficult situation that you wish you had some real help with, from people who\'ve \"been there done that\", then contact Rick and Ellen Griffith. The real estate couple that\'s not afraid to roll up their sleeve and get the job done! Thank you.