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Daniel Sanders | President/CEO


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Mark Slone | Operations Manager


The estate service provider Four Sales Ltd can be contacted by Executors seeking Estate Sales in Fairfax County, VA.


Four Sales prides itself in presenting estates with energy, integrity and intelligence. The company has over 40 years in the estate sales business and is backed by over 3000 satisfied clients who would attest to the essential attributes necessary to feature successful estate sales. The company consistently sells 90-95% of the value and 80-85% of the contents of each estate sale event. References are always provided gladly. Four Sales, Ltd. presents a wealth of experience and valuable advice to heirs and/or executors facing the task of liquidating an estate. Our services may also meet the needs of someone downsizing to a retirement community or relocating to another area. Four Sales works with the client to develop a liquidation plan that meets the needs of the client, e.g. timing, contents and accessibility of the home. Options include an on-premise estate sale, consigning individual pieces and removal of contents for auction and/or charity. Together with representatives of an estate, tasks are set and timetables established for complete liquidation of the property while maximizing profits. Four Sales will work with the Four Sales receives a commission remuneration for all services provided with services tailored to meet the specific requirements of the estate. This method of disposing of household contents helps the seller realize top dollar for the sales household property. The Four Sales team understands that the liquidation of a lifetime of possessions- be it one’s own or a loved one’s- can be a traumatic event. Four Sales brings not only compassion but also the ability to resolve the situation. Four Sales will make recommendations for the full clearance of the property and provide the needed logistical support to achieve it. The company’s advance promotions, print and web advertising and proprietary mailing list ensure the maximum number of customers are made aware of the individual client events. FOUR SALES OFFERS FREE CONSULTATIVE VISITS TO PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION ON THE PART OF THE CLIENT.