Resources for executors and Estate Administrators

The estate service provider Executor Services LLC can be contacted by Executors seeking Estate Concierge in Allegheny County, PA.


Executor Services provides expert assistance to executors who wish to maintain control of an estate while delegating the execution of tasks to us. In return, we provide the executor with a dedicated estate representative, estate administration support guidance, timelines, formal documentation, and reports. These artifacts facilitate communications with beneficiaries and attorneys to efficiently administer the estate avoiding delays, disputes, and penalties.
We offer executor support services and testator pre-planning services to Allegheny County and surrounding counties (Washington, Beaver, Cranberry, etc.).
Executor Services LLC was founded in the state of Pennsylvania. Our company was formed to support executor’s and executrix’s in navigating the complicated and stressful environments of estates.
Our team of professionals are here to dramatically reduce the overall effort required by executors to administer the estate. We will manage, guide, and execute the executor’s day-to-day tasks as well as maintain formal record-keeping with efficiency and timeliness.
We also offer “pre-planning” packages for testators who are in the estate planning phase – to ensure whoever they choose for their executor is well prepared and armed with the correct information and resources.
Our goal is to take on the business aspects of the estate allowing the executor to use their time to deal with emotional and stressful situations that can occur due to the loss of a loved one. Our team of professionals offer a wide range of experiences and skills essential to address all the various aspects of an estate.
We provide excellent assistance for the day-to-day tasks that affect the obligations of any named executor, as well as provide optimal resources & support daily. Being named as an executor is no small commitment; it comes with a myriad of obligations to ensure the testator’s wishes are fulfilled.
We become the ‘team’ under the executor by supporting every need. We provide support, documentation, follow-up and follow-thru to ensure a timely completion of the settlement process.
We understand that no two estates are the same and will consult with you to understand the unique nuances of your situation.
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