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What we do is probably different than what you would expect and definitely different than other real estate agents and investors. Yes, we\'re REALTORS but we do more than most of our clients expect, including... rnrn• Listening Before Speaking: It\'s important that we understand your situation and your goals before we know how we can help. There are A LOT of ways we can help families and frankly, we don\'t care how we help, just that we help. rn• Helping Families Transition: Whether you or a family member need a rental, or long-term care, you are downsizing or you are upgrading we make sure we understand the situation first and then take action to make the transition easier for all involved. rn• Selling Houses FAST: We sometimes buy houses and we work with many local investors who are always willing to pay cash and closing costs for the right deal. We can close as quickly as you\'re comfortable. rn• Getting Houses Empty & Clean: Our team can sell personal property at auction or tag sale then donate what\'s left, so it doesn\'t just go to the landfill. Once empty our cleaners come through to do the rest. rn• Getting Houses Sold for Top Dollar: This one we do as REALTORS. We have a proven system for selling homes for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Sometimes that\'s easy and other times it requires some work from our contractors. Either way, we make sure we understand YOUR goals and then provide options for YOU to choose from. Oh, by the way...we have to back that up to get paid you know! rn• Preserving Wealth: This can mean anything from simply buying stocks to investing in a whole life policy to an entire financial plan that will help you build wealth and avoid future probate. Our certified Financial Planners and CPAs will take a look at your goals and present you with options you probably never even considered. rnrnIf you want to talk to see how we can help my number is below. We NEVER charge for any service until we\'ve done exactly what we said we would so it\'s free to know your options. You have been given a lot of responsibility and stress, but you do not have to do this alone. Let us help you
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