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In the administration and settlement of an estate, an executor or personal representative may require professional help.

Every estate is different. Awareness of local service providers that work with estates is a good starting point.

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Service Providers listed are not vetted and it is the responsibility of the estate to qualify any service provider for hire.

  • Accountants – As estate fiduciary, help with the books and taxes is critical.
  • Appraisers – For transfers, distribution and taxes, appraisals determine fair market value of estate assets.
  • Donation – Local organizations and facilities accepting clean, still usable estate items.
  • Estate Administration Services – Assistance with general estate administration responsibilities; Executor support. Also: Estate Concierge, Estate Settlement, After-Loss Services, etc.
  • Estate Auctions – For liquidation of personal property by auction.
  • Estate Cleanout – For organization, donation and disposal of undistributed personal property.
  • Estate Sales – For liquidation of personal property by estate sale.
  • Grief Support – Grieving and administering an estate? Be aware of support available for a challenging time.
  • Legacy Management – Media preservation, digitization and organization.
  • Mediation – Mediation to resolve disputes between estate stakeholders saves time and relationships.
  • Probate Attorneys – A good estate attorney has your back and makes sure the estate is settled according to state law.
  • Real Estate – Assistance and representation for the sale of the estate’s real property.
  • Storage – Local facilities for storage of estate and beneficiary personal property
  • Wanted – Local resellers seeking estate personal property

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