Get Estate Help from Professional Service Providers…

Get Estate Help from Professional Service Providers…

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You’re the executor so ultimately you’re the person responsible for seeing “things” get to where they’re supposed to be, including the house to a state of empty, broom-clean, sell-ready condition.  You see that the accounts are “accounted”, the assets are liquidated, and that the debts and expenses are paid.  You see that the heirs receive their inheritance.

One of the most difficult aspects of being an executor is assessing the work in front of you and 1. knowing who can help, 2. vetting who can help, 3. engaging who can help, 4. managing who is helping.

You’re going to need help.  Touch base with service providers early so you can time their services as needed.  They can have busy schedules.  Get on their radar.  Early is better.  You have some calls to make.

Who ya Gonna Call?

Probate Attorney.

We’re just going to assume you made this call already.

Accounting/Tax Professional.

As a fiduciary you’ve got the estate finances to explain, and/or taxes to file.


If the “real property” (House, condo, etc.) is to be sold, start those discussions sooner rather than later.  Good realtors are also professional networkers and can recommend service providers to help with some of your challenges.  Many realtors specialize in Probate Sales and can take a larger role in these tasks.  Moreover, their network of professionals will align with the needs of an estate, specifically, but not limited to the preparation of real property for a probate sale.

Real Estate Appraiser.

If the “real property” will be distributed as part of the estate, to one of the heirs, an appraisal to determine the property’s value is necessary.

Personal Property Appraiser.

If the estate warrants it (consult your estate attorney) appraisal of the personal property may be necessary.  A professional appraiser will apply the standards of USPAP to assign values to items in the home for tax purposes and to ensure the equal distribution of assets.  i.e. In a per stirpes distribution of assets, (per the will or court order) Maria wants the Lladro, appraised at $100, and David gets the TV appraised at $100.  Frank gets $100.  This would all be derived from an Appraisal Report issued by the appraiser.  Again, consult your estate attorney for direction on handling personal property.  With smaller estates, it may not be required or warranted.

Liquidation Professional.

You may need to connect with an Estate Sale Company or Auction Company to help liquidate estate personal property that is unwanted but can be sold.  As a rule, per our Estate Talk discussion with National Estate Sale Association President, Lisa Kroese, you’ll want to start this process early.  Often these companies plan and schedule for months out, so get your initial discussions in as soon as possible and get on their radars.  Their advice can also be helpful as you go through “The Stuff”.

Often these companies plan and schedule for months out, so get your initial discussions in as soon as possible and get on their radars.

Estate Cleanout Professional.

Like all of the categories above, Estate Cleanout deserves a little research and understanding.  There are no standards and qualifications for cleanout professionals as there are with Realtors, Appraisers, Auctioneers, etc.  State licenses will differ from state to state.  Junk Removal and Estate Cleanout companies’ services overlap and may be indistinguishable. It’s important to ask questions.  “How much of the company business is Estate Cleanout?”  What are your expectations?

You might set aside a room to deposit or tag things are not to be discarded. To clarify, cleanout companies clean out. That’s what you hire them for.  Timing is in play here, and if you perceive value in the contents, please see our article on Garage/Yard Sales or hire a liquidation professional.

Estate Administration Services/After-Loss Services.

Some companies specifically handle estate administration work.  Their familiarity with the requirements of the jurisdiction and ready network of estate service providers in the area take much of the legwork off an executor’s plate.  ‘Estate concierge services’ or ‘Estate settlement services’ are additional ways to refer to these services.

Professional Mediators.

When things get squirrelly between the heirs or across all the parties involved in the estate – mediate!  Litigation is expensive.  Contentious, litigious estates cost relationships and can change families forever.  Be the grown up in the room and bring this to light.

“Do you want to go to court?  Really?  How about we hire a mediator and see if we can’t work this out?”

Grief Support.

Grief can forever change a person and likely will.  It can be paralyzing. If you haven’t experienced it before, or even if you have, it can shake you to your core.  Talking to someone about what you’re experiencing is courage.  Being an executor is hard enough.

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