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Whats Your Grief?

Whats Your Grief?

December 8, 2020

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A world of practical, non-patronizing, down to earth information and resources is available to those coping with the often misunderstood phenomenon of grief.

Now anyone who has ever built a website knows rule #1 is, “Keep users on your site”.  Well – if you’re having a tough time, the @#$% with rule#1.  Please go check out and explore this well put together approach to this unapproached topic.

Who is “What’s Your Grief”?
In their own words, “Specifically, our mission is to promote grief education, exploration, and expression in both practical and creative ways.”  More: HERE

There are many resources.  Some of these include:

Online Course – Taught by WYG Authors and founders Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams courses include:

Here’s the whole course list: WYG Course List


A list of all the WYG Litterature HERE

Also check out:

They even have a Podcast! Check it out:
What’s Your Grief Podcast: Grief Support for Those Who Like to Listen
– Eleanor Haley & Litsa Williams

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