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Petrol, Signs & Automobiles…

Petrol, Signs & Automobiles…

September 11, 2022

What is Automobilia and Petroliana?


Source: Art of Estates

In summary, automobilia and petroliana categories are the advertising and marketing signs, stands, ephemera, and general products, often with prominent logos displaying.

– Art of Estates

Suddenly you’re in charge of a great deal of oil and car memorabilia – perhaps a car or two.  The decedent of the estate may have been a huge car and/or sign enthusiast.  Problem is – you are not.  Well luckily we have an article from Art of Estates, one of the nation’s premier appraisal companies, to bring you up to speed, or at least get your feet wet, or wheels as the case may be.

Here’s a look inside…


Understanding the history and evolution of the automobile, adjacent products, and its culture is imperative to understanding and operating in the modern market for automobilia and petroliana.

Gas Pumps and Globes

If you ever watch American Pickers you’ll have a pretty good idea of the status of gas pumps and the painted glass globes that adorned them have in this collection category.  Art of Estates provides a narrative and excellent graphic on the evolution and eras of the gas pump.

Vintage Gas Station Signs


No man-cave is complete without some form of automobilia and petroliana sign.  Roadside marketing and promotion evolved through the years and gasoline and automobile signage is flat-out cool.    Art of Estates provides great historical insight and context to the popularity of the category signage.

The Direction of Automobilia and Petroliana.

We’re bullish.

Car culture, which permeated the United States in the early to mid-20th Century, has grown into a full-fledged memorabilia market that finds itself sold at auction houses.

– Art of Estates