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From the Hartford, “10 Cheap Upgrades for a Fast Home Sale’

From the Hartford, “10 Cheap Upgrades for a Fast Home Sale’

October 22, 2020

Link: 10 Cheap Upgrades for a Fast Home Sale

The keyword here being ‘FAST’.  As you’re aware, the longer it sits, the more likely the price needs to drop.  Meanwhile, your costs of holding the property mount.  Get it sold ASAP.

From the Hartford Group, a 10 point article of economical ideas to prep a house for a fast sale.  Very solid set of practical tips ranging from donning a fresh coat of paint, to adding some greenery.  Good stuff as the business of real estate is a practical matter, and as the article states, “when you’re trying to sell real estate, it’s important for potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living there and making it their own home.”

We would add, get some help from a friend who can be an independent set of eyes and nose. Yes we said “Nose”.  A house you’ve been going into and out of for many years might have the lived-in smell or you might be, as the air freshener commercial says, ‘nose blind’.  Either way, a trusted friend that can advise you on hard to hear truths or hold your hand as you discuss the potentially emotional process. Readying mom or dad’s home for quick, and hopefully lucrative sale can be tough but bringing an independent party will help.  Or you’re real estate agent may be helpful in this regard.  Either way, the detached perspective will help, and selling the family home is often very personal.