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A Better Understanding of Silver: Resources

A Better Understanding of Silver: Resources

December 3, 2022

Source: Facebook Group: Antique & Vintage Silver Discussion Forum

[A Facebook Login will be required to access some of the resources in this article.]

Before we start, I’d like to thank the Admins and Members of the Facebook group, “Antique & Vintage Silver Discussion Forum“.  Facebook Groups have been a great resource and go-to communities of knowledge as I’ve tried to wrap my head around various topics quickly. The specialness of the Antique and Vintage Silver group is on display regularly as respondents show their passion for silver antiques and share it generously.

Silver is a special animal.  It comes in all shapes and forms and categories and subgroups.   Is it a precious metal?  is it an antique piece?  Often these two questions may tend to conflict as they intersect.  For this reason, a little knowledge is helpful.

In addition to the Facebook group mentioned above, here are several resources that may help better your understanding of any silver items in an estate.

Online Encyclopedia of Marks, Hallmarks & Makers Marks.
Including the Illustrated Silver glossary:

Makers’ Marks & Hallmarks on British & Irish Silver

The title says it all.

Sterling Flatware Fashions

A comprehensive guide to American sterling silver and silverplate flatware.

Silver Prices on Monex

Get today’s and historical prices for silver and other precious metals.

Also available through the Facebook group under ‘Files’, is an article on English Silver Law, “The Goldsmiths’ Company Antique Silver and the Law“, “Guide to Polishing Silver” edited by Nate Ivey, Lynne Peterson; Robert Butler; Polly Shulman; and Kelly Keating.

Coinflation, a site hosted by Collector’s Universe, a professional grading and appraisal company with offices in California, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, provides many tools for determining the value of precious metals and coinage.  Per the website,

“What is Coinflation?

coinflation [ koin-fley-shuhn ]
noun. 1. A persistent rise in the metal value of silver and base metal coins. 2. An inflationary effect on coins. 3. The difference between the metal value and face value in coins.

Note: Based on on metal values, not numatistic values.  That’s another animal.

In other words, know what your real coin metals values are.  And don’t buy candy bars and Skittles with your mother’s 1924 Walking Liberty Half Dollar as somebody did in the eighties.  We won’t say who.


Thank you Lynne Peterson, Nate Ivey, and Jennifer Rosenberg.