Executor Guide: South Carolina Estate Resources

Executor Guide: South Carolina Estate Resources

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South Carolina Wills, Trusts, and Estates | Executor Guide | Best Estate Resources South Carolina

Below are curated off-site estate resources and information for the State of South Carolina.  Executors are encouraged to confirm all information with their estate attorney…

South Carolina Unclaimed Property Program

South Carolina:  Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act Bill

In Committee

South Carolina Bar

South Carolina Legislature

Supreme Court of South Carolina

  • Office of Disciplinary Counsel – How to File a Complaint
  • Probate Court
    General: Each county has a Probate Judge who is popularly elected to a four year term and has jurisdiction over marriage licenses, estates of deceased persons, guardianships of incompetents, conservatorships of estates of minors and incompetents, minor settlements under $25,000 and involuntary commitments to institutions for mentally ill and/or chemically dependent persons. They also have exclusive jurisdiction over trusts and concurrent jurisdiction with Circuit Courts over powers of attorney.”



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