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Portable Storage Containers for Organization/Transport

February 14, 2022

One of the most flexible options for organizing and if necessary transporting distributed personalty is the portable storage unit.

Perhaps all the beneficiaries couldn’t be available for cleanout day or you just need a solution for organizing the who gets what when the personal property gets divided.  The challenge of the division of the house’s contents isn’t easy.  However, it needn’t be stressful or complicated.  One can see however how useful compartmentalization could be for beneficiaries to organize the treasures and memories.

Breakdown Strategy

So, a pile for selling, a pile for donating, and pile for this one, and a pile for that one.  Pretty soon it all has to go somewhere and well, Aunt Veronica has a Smart car.  Aunt Jessica can’t make it that weekend, and Aunt Mary just can’t.  So 1 for Veronica, 1 for Jess, and 1 for Mary.  A “To Sell” pile in the Dining Room and a “To Donate” pile in the Living Room.  Let the cleanout begin – with a game plan and order, not stress and chaos!


OK Unit 1 is going to Wichita, Unit 2 is going to sit here a week then Jacksonville, Unit 3 we’ll load up for Mary and to a warehouse for when she’s ready.  Plans are subject to change.


Portable Storage Units for Estate Cleanout and organization

Unit 1 to get picked up and transported to Wichita and professionally unloaded.  Jessica is coming with a trailer and will tow to Jacksonville and unpack gradually.  Mary can have hers transported to her house or a storage facility near her house.


“Portable storage products don’t get a lot of time in the public eye … and thus they may not pop into everyone’s mind as an option for certain scenarios. U-Haul tends to let the visibility of our trucks serve as mobile billboards and take care of our advertising for us. But in this case, we deemed it necessary to spread the benefits of our smart “alternative” moving and storage solution.  In fact, when U-Haul produced and ran an infomercial on its U-Box container in 2017, it was the first TV commercial the Company had aired in 34 years.”
– Jeff Lockridge, Manager of Media & Public Relations, U-Haul


Here are some options – see what works for you!

UHaul UBox Portable Storage & Moving FAQ: Here

ReloCube Moving Containers: Here

Smartbox – How it works: Here

1-800-PACKRAT Answers to Your Most Common Questions: Here

PODS Homepage: Here


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