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Guide to Donation of Prosthetic Equipment

August 5, 2021

Where can I donate a prosthetic leg?
Where can I donate a prosthetic arm?
Where can I donate prosthetic devices?
Where can I donate prosthetic equipment?


Henry Iseman, Executive Director, PENTA
Shelley Dutton, Development Director, Limbs for Life
Lauren Panasewicz, Director of Development, ROMP
Aaron Burnell, Amputee Coalition
Eric Shoemaker, MS, CPO, Executive Director of Clinical Operations, Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics, LLC


It is estimated 300,000 devices are discarded every year in the US.  According to the World Health Organization, 85-95% of the global amputee population (60 million amputees) cannot find the care they need.

There is an enormous amount of waste of prosthetic devices in the United States and this is unfortunate as there are organizations dedicated to the channeling of the supply of prostheses to individuals that need them.

“In many second and third world countries the challenges are multiple.  Resources to attain a prosthesis are often scarce.  This can be from one’s ability to pay and from the ability to attain the materials and parts that are needed.  In addition, prosthetists are often rare and one may have to travel a long distance to see one.”

Eric Shoemaker, MS, CPO, Executive Director of Clinical Operations, Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics, LLC


Good news …

There’s an army of dedicated individuals and organizations for meeting the demand for prosthetic equipment, and recycling prosthetic equipment, components, and parts with surplus from the United States. The other good news is with the following information, you can get your surplus, no matter how small, to these people. You bring it in or ship it, and with the help of the below organizations, the equipment moves into these supply channels and does dramatic life-changing good. Win-win-win.

Image via Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics, LLC

Prosthetic equipment and components generally accepted…
(Please check with individual donation organizations before donating.)

  • Prosthetic Limbs
  • Prosthetic feet (pediatric and adult)
  • Prosthetic Knees
  • Modular components (Tube clamps, pyramids, socket adapters, pylons, foot adapters)
  • Liners (All types.  All sizes. Gently used or preferably new)
  • Prosthetic socks (All sizes. New socks only)
  • Supplies (synthetic casting tape, stockinette 2″, 3″, 4″)

Note: Equipment that is broken needs to be discarded and not donated, as it will waste the thin resources of these largely volunteer and donation-supported organizations.


Donate Prosthetics


500 Park Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY, 10022

Services the under-resourced in 12 different countries across SE Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  By working with various Ministries of Health, Schools of Prosthetics, Teaching hospitals, independent clinics, Penta provides second use opportunities and support for donated devices.  Donations are screened and inspected, and in most cases disassembled so they can be mixed and matched to accommodate the individual.

Penta also provides resources for the maintenance and continued care that a prosthesis requires including Physical Therapy and return care.  Each region has its own unique challenges and culture so adaptability is key. Pakistan for example, mobile units with technicians are needed to serve rural and hard-to-reach areas. In Thailand, Penta’s partnership with a university hospital allows them to provide training for aspiring prosthetists across Southeast Asia, increasing the capacity for care of the countries in which Penta operates. With logistics often being one of the biggest obstacles Penta’s expertise in navigating the practical challenges associated with prosthesis supply is essential.

The Limb means so much to the recipient and recipient’s family.  In many countries, there is a stigma attached with limb loss and the mere presence of an artificial limb often does more than its functional purpose, and provides an individual with a means to cancel the stigma, and provide a sense of completeness.”

– Henry Iseman, Executive Director PENTA

Impact Stories:

You can use this link to create a shipping label to ship your devices:

Charity Navigator:


Donate Prosthetics


8930 E. Hampden Avenue,
Denver, CO 80231
tel: (303) 586-1802

“ROMP’s mission is to provide high-quality prosthetic care in underserved populations, which enhances mobility and unlocks human potential.”

Donate Prosthetics and Prosthetic Components
Image courtesy of Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics, LLC


Components ROMP can refurbish and reuse include: Entire prosthetic limbs (we will disassemble them), feet (all sizes), knees (functional, all types), modular components (tube clamps, pyramids, socket adaptors, pylons, foot adaptors), liners (all sizes and types, preferably new), prosthetic socks (all sizes, new only), fabrication supplies (synthetic casting tape, stockinette, etc), and other tools and supplies.

ROMP’s donation Program, Components for a Cause, supplies their clinics in Ecuador and Guatemala. There is also a program in the United States, US Assistance Program (USAP) that supplies prostheses to individuals and to patients via USAP enrolled prosthetists (

Sustainability is central to this 501c3’s mission, as they pursue a goal of collecting 5,000+ lbs of components annually. Their clinics are run by local staff and open 5 days a week so their patients are never left stranded with a broken or unusable prosthesis. Gait training and physical therapy as well as pre-prosthesis exercises and preparation are all elements of providing high-quality prosthetic care.

Since 2005, they have delivered over 4,000 devices to people in Latin America and the US.

“[ROMP’s Donation Program,] Components for a Cause (C4C) is beneficial all around. Recycling prosthetic waste provides quality mobility devices to those who need it most, keeps waste out of landfills, allows ROMP practitioners to make a variety of clinical decisions, and allows ROMP to run cost effective programs in the Americas. It is an essential part of our mission and impact.
– David Krupa, CP (ROMP co-founder and Executive Director)

You can drop off components and devices for ROMP at any of the following Components for a Cause cooperative clinics:

You can use this link to create a paid FedEx label to ship your devices:
* If you would like to cover the shipping yourself, please send components to the above address.

Charity Navigator:


Donate Prosthetics

Limbs For Life

9604 N. May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
(888) 235-5462

Donate Prosthetics
Image courtesy Limbs for Life


In 2020, their 25th year, Limbs for Life funded the highest number of prosthetic limbs in their history.

Working with individual partner clinics and clinicians, LFL funds new prosthetic limbs for hundreds of amputees each year. They manage costs by sharing donated used parts and components; specifically, 65% of their inventory goes to 22+ states in the US and the balance across 22+ countries worldwide.  The demand for lower extremity prosthetic limbs is greater across the board and for this reason, they only fund leg prostheses, however, they accept all types of components. The 1,800 sq ft of warehouse space (called the LEGacy Room) receives and ships out an average of 6,000-7,000+ parts annually.  In 2021, they have accepted 4,200 in the first half and have sent out 4,700 components to restore mobility and independence to amputees without other resources for care.

To donate, you may box up the device(s) and ship them to the above address.  An In-kind donor form to include with your shipment is available on the website along with a full list of items LFL will accept.

“Donations of used limbs and parts and the unique partnership with over 300 clinics in the U.S. allow Limbs for Life to be the safety net for amputees in need. Whether the need is a new limb or a replacement part or repair, Limbs for Life stands in the gap to get amputees back on their feet and back to living life. Your donations are a priceless gift to our mission.”
– Shelley Dutton, Development Director, Limbs for Life

Prosthetic foot donate
Image courtesy Limbs for Life

“Restored 230 US amputees in need by providing prosthetic legs at no cost to them; recycled & redistributed 5,800 parts across 28 states & 23 countries; provided information and referral services to 1,475 amputees.” – (Data from 2019) Charity Navigator on Limbs for Life Foundation

In general, LFL accepts:
Used limbs from anywhere in the USA, Accessories- liners, socks, sleeves (Unused Only), Pins from locking liners, misc. hardware & parts (feet, knees, etc.).

To Donate a Prosthetic:

Charity Navigator:


Donate Prosthetics

Amputee Coalition

While the Amputee Coalition does not have a donation and prothesis recycling program as their good works are focused in other areas, we’d like to acknowledge the Amputee Coalition of America for their assistance in the research of this article.

They suggest the following resource:
Amputee Coalition Fact sheet on prosthetic device donations…


Executorium would like to thank Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics, LLC
for their help in researching and assembling this article.

Donate Prosthetic equipment







Your contribution may be tax-deductible!
Discuss with your accountant or advisor. The above organizations will acknowledge your donation but will not assign a value.  See Also …

IRS: Determining Value of Donated Property


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