DIY Garage Sale/Yard Sale Advice HERE
January 17, 2024

DIY Estate Liquidation | 7-minute read Estate Sale| Garage Sale | Yard Sale   Throughout this site, we state, “Every Estate is Different”.  So while some estates may be inclined…

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Take Steps to Mitigate Risk When an Estate Owns Firearms
August 11, 2023

Guest Post By Matthew F. Erskine, Esq. Personal Property | 2-minute read When an Estate Includes Guns | Estate Firearms | Estate Risk: Guns Recently, I wrote on planning for…

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Time is Money – Calculating the Time to Sell One Estate Item
April 25, 2023

Your time is not free. There are many ways to sell an item, and convert the item to cash for deposit in the Estate Bank account.  Often Executors bristle at…

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Caring for Your Collection, Where to Begin? – A Primer to Approach Collections
December 1, 2021

Thanks and Recognition to The Historic New Orleans Collection The following article was garnered from a special 1-hour program presented by the Historic New Orleans Collection, where the experts of…

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What to do With Old Books? Vintage & Antique Books, Paperbacks Too – What To Do?
October 31, 2021

If the state has a sizable book inventory or collection, valuing and liquidating the estate library can be a serious task.  From the collection of romance novels, and the boxes…

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Estate Personal Property – Identification and Distribution
March 3, 2021

Estate Personal Property (otherwise known as, ‘Personalty’) – The moveable assets of the estate.  Property which is neither fixed or real property, money or investments. Examples: vehicles, furniture, jewelry, clothing,…

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