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Free and open-access, Executorium.com is a compendium of resources for executors and estate administrators.

Indeed, being an executor of an estate can be a challenge.
To begin with, an executor has specific legal responsibilities and fiduciary duties.
Additionally, obligations to family, not to mention the decedent, demand an executor’s attention. 
Tasks such as the cleanout and property sale take a great amount of time. 
It can be overwhelming.

Ask the questions you need to ask. Find the answers you need to know.
Helping you find the information and resources to be able to do so is Executorium’s Mission

“Be a Resource for Executors”


The website provides a county-by-county
Directory of Estate Service Providers for Executors
and a county-by-county
Directory of Government Resources for Executors


Articles Page: Original estate administration related content
Athenium Page: A curated repository of estate information, links, and resources.

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A Resource for Executors – created by executors, for executors 

“We struggled with our estate. 

In our experience as an executors, like most, we were newbies.  We had lots of professional and life experience, however in the realm of estates, wills and probate, we were novice. Conversely, the experts and players in this world deal with estate issues every day.  Our experience gap seemed a big disadvantage. It was challenging to ‘get our head around it all’ and ‘to get it right’. Consequently, as new challenge after new challenge came, the estate load became increasingly difficult. 

Executorium was bone out of this experience.  To begin with, it is not designed to manage your estate.  Moreover, it is not an “estate-how-to”.  Executorium was designed to be a place where an executor can gain exposure to various issues and subjects common to estates.  Our hope is that this website provokes questions and leads to answers and flattens your learning curve.  Particularly, we hope it saves you time, energy, and most especially pain in the administration of your estate. 

To that end, if there’s anything that you can suggest that we should add, we ask that you contact us.  Share your knowledge and help make executorium stronger for future executors.

We wish you smooth seas.”


– The Publishers of Executorium.com