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Helping executors find information and resources to navigate the administration of an estate.

An executor has specific legal responsibilities and fiduciary duties.
Obligations to self, family, the estate, and the decedent, demand an executor’s attention. 
Estate cleanout, property sale, and countless estate tasks take a great amount of time. 

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Executor Road
Executor Road Blog

Executor Road: Grief for Me. Different for You.

Executor Road | 5-minute read Grief Support | Grief Counseling | Grief Coach   I was at the cemetery last week.  It had been a while.  My dad’s flag needed straightening. Mom’s grave needs some flowers, but I didn’t have any.  The lichen on both stones will have to do

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Forwarding a decedent's mail
Legal and Accounting

A Decedent’s Mail – The Basics, and Beyond

Decedent Mail | 5-minute read Estate Administration | Executor Responsibility   When someone dies, the mail doesn’t stop.  The bills keep on coming.  Magazines continue.  He or she may be on many mailing lists.  Friends may not have been aware.  As executor the mail is your responsibility, however, it is

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Estate Automobile Liability
Legal and Accounting

DON’T “Just Take Dad’s Car.”

Estate Property| 5-minute read Estate Vehicle | Estate Liability| Estate Insurance   Dad’s car is right outside and you’ve got the keys.  This is a little different situation than that time in 1981 when … nevermind.  Dad’s gone and you’re a responsibile adult (maybe not – I don’t know) and

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Legal and Accounting

Executor Guide: Pennsylvania Estate Resources

Executor Help | 3-minute read Pennsylvania Wills, Trusts, and Estates | Executor Guide | Best Estate Resources Pennsylvania Executor Guide: Pennsylvania Estate Resources Below are curated off-site estate resources and information for the State of Pennsylvania. Executors are encouraged to confirm all information with their estate attorney… Pennsylvania General Assembly:

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Estate Dispute Resolution
Legal and Accounting

“The Magic of the Trust and Estate Mediation Process” California Lawyers Association – Trusts & Estates Section

Estate Mediation | 5-minute read Estate Disputes | Alternate Dispute Resolution |  California Lawyers Association   Estate Mediation can be an off-ramp from the Estate Litigation Expressway.  Stretching from Inheritance Pass to Rancorville, The Estate Litigation Expressway has led more than a few families to breakdown after breakdown.  Awareness of

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Personal Property

Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate?

Estate Liquidation | 5-minute read Personal Property | Estate Assets  | Estate Distribution Who gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate? Estate property which does not have a title, or ownership specified as the decedent, (such as a car, real estate or some financial assets) are non-titled assets.  These non-titled assets may

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A Resource for Estates and Executors - Created by Executors, for Executors ...

A good majority of executors face the responsibilities of estate administration with little or no related experience. Professional and life experience perhaps, however in the realm of estates, wills and probate, most executors are novices. Conversely, the experts and players in this world work with estate issues every day. This experience gap can seem like a disadvantage. It may be challenging to ‘get your head around it all’ and ‘to get it right’. As executors confront challenge after challenge, the estate load can became heavy indeed.

Executorium.com was born out of this experience. We seek to build a free resource to educate, inform and strengthen an executor. It is not designed to manage your estate. Moreover, it is not an “estate-how-to”. Executorium is where an executor can get exposure to issues and subjects common to estates, and gain awareness of available resources. If we can provide some context, flatten the executor learning curve, and provide a view of the estate administration landscape, we have accomplished our mission.

To that end, if there’s anything that you can suggest that we should add, we ask that you contact us. Any resource or information source that helped you with your estate – please share. Help make executorium stronger for future executors.

We wish you smooth seas.

– The Publishers of Executorium.com

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